Ricky Archuleta writes songs in many genres from his home in Colorado. Each song has a free download link in the upper right hand corner. under the SoundCloud logo. Jump around the page and you'll find something for every taste. Scroll down for music and a short bio.
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Ricky Archuleta is a singer-songwriter who appreciates and writes many genres of music. Ricky was exposed to an eclectic mix of folk, country, R&B, Pop, and rock by obscure and well known songwriters at a very early age. His friends and family were all into different musical styles and encouraged him to listen to and learn the music they loved the most.

Learning to play guitar at the age of six, Ricky went on to learn trumpet, saxophone, bass, and piano by his early teens. While he played many instruments, his main focus was the guitar. You would expect a heavy guitar presence in his recordings, but his songs are produced with the instruments that best express what the song is saying to the listener. “I don’t plan to write a certain song. The songs come to me. I’ll write a ballad in the morning, an upbeat pop song at noon, a jazzy old school tune by dinner, and a country song as I fall asleep that night.”

In addition to his own projects, Ricky collaborates with many talented writers and performers. He has several current projects. His most recent release is a self-produced CD entitled, Don’t Leave Your Man Alone. The CD is a compilation of new songs and a few of Ricky’s most successful single releases over the past few years.

Ricky Archuleta's songs paint pictures, and tell stories, that are common to all of us. His songs connect with his audiences. You’ll feel love, trust, heartache, commitment, fun, and emotions we all share.

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Ricky Archuleta